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We are glad that you stopped by.  We are Philly's own husband and wife R&B duo, spreading the love.  We share our journey of love through our music.  It's not always easy, but it's certainly worth it.  Through our own ups & downs, we have discovered the power & strength of love, and we hope that you will do the same.

About TommyJay


Who is TommyJay?



    Two Hearts..Two Souls..One Sound. Music brought us together, and after 17 years of marriage, the rhythm is still in our hearts. Before we met, in 1998, we both had a strong passion and love for music. Later, we began writing songs together, singing together and eventually forming "TommyJay."  

     Seventeen years together, and we are just…getting…started.  Neither one of us could have predicted the passion, the challenges, or the sacrifices that come with marriage and music.  

     "Tommy's smooth & sexy tenor voice combined with J'Mel's raspy alto tones, make them the perfect duo", one supporter has quoted. Through every lyric, every melody, and every song, we want to personally connect you to our hearts. We have gone down some difficult paths, as relationships tend to do, but with our faith in God, and our commitment to love, we stay strong. It's a choice... and we choose to Love Strong. There is power & strength in love. Above anything else, we also say when you put God first, everything else just seems to fall in place.  As we continue this journey, expect to hear more heartfelt music with even deeper topics of how we had to find that strength in love.  

    Music is our first love so not only do we enjoy writing for ourselves, we also enjoy writing for others;  We put the pen to action on the billboard charting single, "FEEL GOOD"  recorded by the Grammy award-winning Clark Sister, Jacky Clark-Chisolm, featuring the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul Mary J. Blige, and also Tia P (rising rap star). Read about how it all came together.  "Feel Good" is definitely one to add to your playlist!





The Artists:

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The Songwriters:

Click the link below to check out the hit single "Feel Good"  by Jacky Clark-Chilsolm featuring Mary J. Blige


The story behind the music:


The story behind the music:


"What You Want"  the 1st single, tells the story of two young, passionate lovers ready to do whatever it takes to prove their love. 

"Good to Ya"  the 2nd single, tells the story of two lovers who let each other know, in a fun and flirty way, that they are the "only one" that matters, and nothing or no one is going to come in between the "good love" they are ready to share with each other. 

Willing To Fight "W.T.F." the 3rd single, has a real and relatable message.  It's lyrical content tells a story about facing challenges in relationships, but yet being willing to change and fight through them. 

R&B Single W.T.F.- Willing To Fight

This song is very special to us.  It's a song about fighting through the challenges of relationships.  If we had never decided to fight through, there would be no "TommyJay".  There is no perfect relationship, nor any perfect people.  So if you feel it's worth the fight, then fight for your love.  There is power and strength in LOVE! #Lovestrong 

Song Lyrics: "Willing to fight"

Willing to Fight (W.T.F.)

Verse 1

I’ve been tellin’ you and tellin you, tellin you and tellin you for so long 

That I’m a ride, I’m a Fight, I’m a pray for ya' even if you’re dead wrong

Yeah I stayed when ya did wrong

I could a left, but I love strong, yeah 

Sometimes the craziness of the past plays in my head

And even though I forgave you for it all

It’s hard to forget

And sometimes I feel I’m gon’ break

How much time is it gonna take?

I’m healing slow, but I keep on loving you 

Cuz’ I’m willing to Fight for us (aye) 

Willing to ride for ya (hey) 

Willing to try for us (aye) 

Willing to Fight for our love 

I’m willing to Fight....

Verse 2:

I know what I did and how it made you feel

Baby I was dead wrong 

No one should have to go through the pain I caused you 

We’ve been through many ups and downs (baby)

A lot a prayer, lot a figuring out (baby)

No doubt we’ve been through, through it all

And I’m willing to Fight for us (aye) 

Willing to ride for ya (hey) 

Willing to try for us (aye) 

Willing to Fight for our love 

I’m willing to Fight for us 

Willing to ride for ya

Willing to try for us

Willing to Fight for our love 


Fight for our love (mm yeah yeah) 

To everyone who knows

What it’s like to be in love

 (What it’s like to be in love)

You’ve been through it all

But you’re not giving up, on love

(I’m willing to Fight for our love)

Willing to Fight for us (aye) 

Willing to ride for ya (hey) 

Willing to try for us (aye) 

Willing to Fight for our love 

Fight for our love......

(Outro) Fight for our, no matter what nobody say, I’m gonna love you anyway 


R&B Single "Good To Ya"

This song makes you wanna be good to the one your with. 

"You are my one and only baby, and tonight I just wanna be good to ya"

Our first single- "What You Want"

"You can have what you want, I'll freely give it all to you. There is nothing in the world that I wouldn't do for you." 


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