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"What You Want"


"Good to Ya"


About Us

Who is TommyJay?

Two Hearts..Two Souls..One Sound. Music brought us together, and after 15 years of marriage, the rhythm is still in our hearts. Before we met, in 1998, we both had a strong passion and love for music. Later, we began writing songs together, singing together and eventually forming "TommyJay."  

Fifteen years together, and we are just…getting…started.  Neither one of us could have predicted the passion, the challenges, or the sacrifices that come with marriage and music.  

Through every lyric, every melody, and every song, we want to personally connect you to our hearts. We have gone down some difficult paths, as relationships tend to do, but with our faith in God, and our commitment to love, we stay strong. It's a choice... 

and we choose to Love Strong. There is power & strength in love.


Our NEW SINGLE, "Good to Ya"  is AVAILABLE NOW on all digital platforms!  Go to to download it. 

The story behind the music:


"What You Want"  our 1st single, tells the story of two young, passionate lovers ready to do whatever it takes to prove their love. 

"Good to Ya"  our 2nd single, tells the story of two lovers who let each other know, in a fun and flirty way, that they are the "only one" that matters, and nothing or no one is going to come in between the "good love" they are ready to share with each other. 

Both songs are available on all digital platforms to download, stream and to add to your favorite playlist. 

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